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Foundation in Music Theory Empowers Musicians

The tens of thousands of aspiring musicians in our area who vie for their shot at an elite music school, a career as a professional musician or even an audition with American Idol may not know it, but they are seeking the keys to unlocking their own musical signatures.
This summer, Greenwich pianist, composer and theorist, Michele Goritz, will be offering her accessible and unique approach to the fundamentals of music theory as it is the deciding factor that distinguishes the original from the copy.

When a performer focuses on their own unique musical voice, they become a more powerful musician in the world. By understanding theory, the written symbols, patterns and progressions, the musician will be able to grow and build a performance piece according to their own design. The inherent intention of the composition is then a catalyze to the performers energy which reaches out to the audience. This is important for all performers – to have their power work for them instead of against them. If this doesn’t happen, if they can’t read and correlate, they are forced to mimic and bypass the opportunity to perform from their own core.

Michele Goritz’s program covers, as required for AP Music Theory, the study and application of written theory, sight singing and dictation. Upon completion of this course, the musician or student, will possess the skills to sight read, conceptualize and interpret any type of music, They will learn to see the notes as the musical equivalent of letters, and then form them into words, sentences and paragraphs – into ideas that recognize and comprehend the composer's thought's. The unique signature of the musician, merging with the composition is what makes a performance electric. The performer is then building their own audience, their own following.

Dr. David Schroeder, NYU Jazz Studies Director, in speaking with Goritz stated, within the context of jazz voice, “ frequently talented singers are rejected at the university level due to their lack of music theory and piano skills,” inferring that "vocalist who simply 'mimic' musical style without developing the ability to assimilate and interact with music are missing important elements in music. These elements allow all musicians to continue to grow and build a solid musical foundation that in the end will offer much greater satisfaction as performers and artists.”

Patrick Taylor, Director of Choirs and Music Facilitator at Greenwich High School strongly endorses Goritz's program saying, “Excellent local teachers such as Michele who specialize in teaching music theory are a rarity and I hope students take advantage of such a wonderful opportunity.” He then went on to say, “Thank you for offering this enriching opportunity to my students."

“The demand for this offering,” says Goritz, “comes from my students, exceptional musicians. In my fifteen years of teaching music theory, I have realized how overwhelmed students are with the difficulty and rigors of the college level course if they had not had foundational theory, the theory program that I am offering.” In response to an essential need for music theory that is more affordable than private instruction, Michele Goritz is bringing to our area a 40+ hour course this summer, as well as a year- long course beginning in the Fall. Each class will be limited to four students. Those who complete either session will be more than ready to take any AP Music Theory Course.

For further information, or to register for this course, please contact Ms Goritz directly at 203.918.9234 or by email