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Even before completing her studies in Classical Music at the Manhattan School of Music, Michele Goritz was performing both piano and flute, as a soloist and in ensembles. She has since pursued studies in New Music (both as a composer and a pianist). Michele sought out and was selected by jazz legend Kenny Werner to be one of the privileged students he teaches, while he continues his own performing, composing, touring and recording career.

Michele’s ability to accompany dancers in a variety of musical genres is highly regarded and has brought her work from members and directors of American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet, Classics Dance Theatre of Stamford and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.

Her riveting performance of the European premiere of electro-acoustical “Tracer” by composer David Taddie in July 2005 was performed with dance accompaniment, and was the only piece selected by the concert’s promoter for publicity on Italian television.

Michele is developing her own combo of musicians and composers, bringing her gifts in piano, flute, voice and song writing to the group.


“Michele is truly a fine pianist and her ability to explore all aspects of new music performance, including improvisation, the creation of a new sonic palette and interaction with new technologies distinguish her as an artist. Michele is innovative and creative and her work merits support in all venues.”
- Dr. Esther Lamneck, Director
NYU Music & Dance Program

“What strikes me about Michele’s performing is her uncanny ability to bring the spirit of any musical genre to life. From Classical
to the American Songbook to Electro/Acoustical music - each style is supported by her great musical sense. She is a truly talented pianist.”
- Dr. David Schroeder
Director NYU Jazz Studies, NYC

“I was introduced to pianist/composer Michele Goritz by her exciting and energetic performance of Tracer, my piece for piano and electronic sounds. I am impressed by Michele’s wide range of repertoire as a pianist, from Chopin to Gershwin to Billy Joel. Her playing displays a beautiful melodic tone and rhythmic sensitivity. Michele’s compositions for dance are beautifully done, as she has a wonderful touch at capturing each danceís spirit.”
- David Taddie
Internationally Acclaimed New Music Composer Assistant Professor of Music West Virginia University